Are you looking for that finishing touch to complete a theme or make a statement in a room? 

Here are a selection of our most popular art categories and artists, as well as a list of all the artists we work with. 
Should you wish to place an order or make an enquiry about any of these categories or artists, please either email us on or call us on 07976 158 961. We would be glad to help. 
We also offer an Art Consultation Service, where we will come to you and help you choose the most appropriate piece of art that is right for your personal circumstances. 


How many of us remember the wonderful stories of our childhood that are now being enjoyed by our own children?! 
We have limited edition prints by Sir Quentin Blake & Roald Dahl, images of bunnies cavorting in the 'Guess How Much I Love You' series, the dancing mouse 'Angelina', and many more. 
These make the perfect gift and several of our customers continue buying to make a collection. 
Contemporary art is typically art that has been produced using different and varied mediums, often with a clear resin.  
It is designed to make you smile, go with your current decor, be a statement piece and add a vibrant splash of colour to a room. 
Floral art can bring that freshness of the garden into any room.  
It can be used to enhance current decor or give newly decorated rooms, that feeling of calm and serenity. 
Figurative art will often have images of people in romantic settings, being provocative, contemplative or many times dancing.  
A home with figurative art often feels warm and inviting, and quite personal. 
The beauty of abstract art is that is timeless. 
It can be used to match and theme the interior of either a residential home, an office, boardroom, restaurant or retail shop. 
Landscape pictures are ideal to dress a room, with memories of favourite places or just from within your imagination. 
Several well-placed landscape pictures can also offer that feeling, like florals, of calm and serenity. 


Here we have listed five of our more popular artists. Their work and individual styles are perfect for either the interior of your home, an office, boardroom, shop or restaurant. Click the artists names below to view more info... 
Todd White 
A compulsive observer of people and their body language, particularly faces and features, Todd White spends his life people-watching observing detail, then making sketches (often on napkins or tablecloths) as ideas for his next work. Hands are a focal point, as tiny gestures can amplify an actor’s performance. "Everyone’s hands are full of personality" says Todd, "They reflect the subject’s state of mind almost as much as facial expressions." 
Whilst working in Hollywood on animation, he was part of the team who developed the international hit cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants. He was also chosen as the Official Artist of the GRAMMY® Awards in 2007. In 2009, he was invited by Warner Bros. to contribute to a major design exhibition celebrating the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. In 2011, Todd was awarded the Diana Princess of Wales Gold Medal and is the only American to be honoured with this Award. 
Jackie Gale 
Jackie is a textile artist whose colourful and vibrant work reflects the energy and creativity of her character. Her ability to capture the essence of a place or theme using layers of fabrics and mixed materials makes her work truly unique. She uses anything from merino felt to rusty nails, crushed velvet to walnut veneer. Each piece is layered and creatively embellished using modern free motion machine embroidery. She often paints with acrylics to create a background or embellish a piece. Each artwork is full of engaging details, rich in texture and has a wonderful multidimensional quality. 
Jackie grew up in a creative household where she was constantly surrounded by oil painting, dressmaking and a new project in the workshop. Despite exploring other mediums, textiles are her true passion. She loves the freedom to experiment with new techniques and textures and her work is constantly evolving as she discovers new materials and subject matter. 
Jackie Gale was awarded ‘Best Up and Coming Artist 2015’ by the Fine Art Trade Guild. 
Jack Vettriano 
Chalfont Art is delighted to have had a long association with Jack Vettriano, having sold both his original paintings and Limited Editions for several years. 
We have attended several of the Private Viewings of Jack’s various collections, where we have been delighted to be able to speak at length with Jack about the various concepts for his paintings. 
Secondary Market 
We have available both Jack Vettriano Originals and an extensive selection of rare Limited Editions that are sold out from the publisher and so generally very hard to find. 
If we do not have the picture you require, please e-mail or phone with your requirements. We may be able to source a picture for you on the secondary market. 
Iain Faulkner 
Iain graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1996 with a BA (Honours) Degree in Fine Art. His figurative painting style and precise detail, clearly show a competence in both draughtsmanship and the portrayal of strong and powerful images where there is rarely any narrative. They capture calm, reflective, solitude in contemplative moments and intimate exchanges. 
There is often a stark contrast between the light and dark shadows found in his paintings, with a stillness of inner-reflection and their emotional detachment. 
Gillian McDonald 
From her home on the north coast of Pembrokeshire, to the Scottish Highlands and the remotest shores of the British Isles, Gillian seeks out the dramatic locations that inspire her Romantic, Contemporary and Atmospheric images. In addition, from her hideaway in Provence, she conjures with the hot hues of southern Europe that permeate her Mediterranean paintings. 
Gillian’s artistry is rich in romance, drama and atmosphere. It evokes isolation and solitude and focuses on the interplay of light and the natural environment. Coupled with her bold, mixed-media use of colour, these are the hallmarks of her highly sought-after work, brought together as The McDonald Collection. 

A-Z of our Artists 

A - Alan Parry, Alexander Millar, Alister Colley, Allan Morgan, Anna Pugh, Anthony Dobson, Antonio Ianicelli, April Shepherd 
B - Beatrix Potter, Becky Blair, Becky Mair, Ben Payne, Brian Cosgrove, Bruno Tinucci 
C - Caroline Gardner, Caroline Shotten, Chris Chapman, Craig Davison 
D - Danielle Akiyama, Darren Baker, David Cobley, David Renshaw, David Shepherd, Debbie Urquhart, Doug Hyde, Douglas Gray 
E - Elaine Cooper, Eric Hill 
F - Fabian Perez, Fletcher Sibthorp, Fred Beckett 
G - Gary Benfield, Gary Hodges, Gary Walton, Georgia Peskett, Gillian McDonald, Gordon King 
H - Hayley Goodhead, Hazel Soan, Helen Oxenbury, Henderson Cisz 
I - Iain Faulkner, Igor Shulman, Inam 
J - Jack Vettriano, Jackie Gale, James Buttifant, Jane Ray, Janet Rogers, Jennifer Hogwood, Jeremy Barlow, Jeremy Barlow, John Lowrie Morrison, John Russell, Jonathan Roberts, Jonathan Sanders, Jonathan Truss, Julie Anne Scott 
K - Kerry Darlington, Kirsty Wither 
L - Lesley Thiel, Louise Braithwaite, Louise Mizen 
M - Madjid, Mark Keller, Mark Spain, Mary Fedden, Maya Eventov, Mia Tarney, Namaz Chekirov 
N - Nicholas Smith, Nigel Cooke, Paresh Nrshinga, Paul Evans, Paul Hedley, Paul Horton, Paul Jenkins, Paul Kenton, Paul Waterhouse, Peter Bailey, Peter Smith, Peter Wileman, Philip Bissell, Philip Gray 
Q - Quentin Blake 
R - Ray Goldsborough, Raymond Leech, Rebecca Lardner, Richard Thorn, Roald Dahl, Rob Hefferan, Robert Lenkiewicz, Ron Bolt, Ronnie Wood, Ros Bell, Roz Bell 
S - Sakko, Sam Toft, Sara-Jane Szikora, Sasha Harding, Sherree Valentine Daines, Shirley Hughes, Simon Claridge, Simon Wright, Sue Howells, Sue Macartney-Snape, Sue Maclaurin 
T - Talantbek Cherikov, Terry Evans, Tim Bulmer, Todd White, Tom Murray, Tony Smith, Tristan Reid 
V - Vanessa Cooper, Veronika Benoni 
W - Willi Kissmer 
Z - Zinsky 
If you would like to place an order or make an enquiry about any of the above styles or artists, please either email or call us using the contact details below. 
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